Review and Testimonials

I have worked with Jordan for almost three years and feel his integrity and experience set him apart from other Real Estate professionals.

– Mary W. – Seattle, WA – 9/1/11 –

These guys are as good as they come.  Jordan Malloch and and Ian MacMillan helped me through every step of the process in purchasing my first home.  At no point did I ever feel any pressure to make a quick decision; these guys always had my best interests in mind.  They had a ton of patience and really did help me find the perfect home.

My situation was particularly challenging: I decided to purchase a short sale.  Of course, the name is a misnomer and the process of buying a short sale is nowhere near “short”… mine took nearly 4 months.  At times I was frustrated with this, but Ian and Jordan did an extremely excellent job in explaining why things were how they were.  I was under a tight deadline to move out of my old place, and Jordan went the extra mile to help me be able to rent the place I’d end up owning once the short sale closed.  He also made a stellar recommendation for a loan officer I ended up going with, and I ended up with a lower interest rate than what I’d found myself.

When it came down to the wire of meeting some requirements to get the house up to snuff so my loan could be approved, Jordan was able to send his handyman out to the house to make a quick repair for me while I was out of town traveling on business.  If that isn’t superior customer service, I don’t know what is!

– Rob R. – Seattle, WA – 8/21/11 –

Jordan and Ian are truly awesome. I would highly recommend Malloch-McMillan Real Estate to anyone. We found the house we wanted and Jordan absolutely went to bat for us. He made a personal relationship with the sellers and their agent that (during our bidding war) helped us get the house we wanted. These two are committed to getting you the house you want on your terms. They are genuine and really care about their clients, even after you have bought your house!

Thanks guys!!

– Juliana O. – Seattle, WA – 8/8/11 –

Highly likely to recommend

Sold a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $175k in Greenwood, Seattle, WA.

Local knowledge: 5 star

Process expertise: 5 star

Responsiveness: 5 star

Negotiation skills: 5 star


I came to Jordan Malloch with a challenge — sell my Greenwood condo in a market that was incredibly difficult. It had already been on the market (with another agent) for a year, and I’d had no luck. Jordan was up for the challenge. He did a great job marketing the condo with very professional photos for a web site and flier. When an offer eventually came, he stayed on top of negotiations. I was impressed with Jordan throughout our interactions. He was punctual and kept me informed on the status of my condo and sale. He also introduced me to DocuSign, which is a great way to sign documents electronically without having to meet in person. Most of all, he got the job done! He sold my condo, enabling me to move on to a new place. I plan to buy a house sometime in the next few years, and I will definitely use Jordan again. He has a ton of knowledge about the real estate market and the neighborhoods in Northwest Seattle that I like the most. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell.

– HeidiDietrich – 5/31/11 –

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“I connected Jordan with a friend who experienced an emergency and needed advise on selling his house on a short notice. Jordan went out of his way to accommodate the situation. He was extremely personable, skilled, supportive, and dependable. Jordan is definitely the agent of my choice.”

– Magrit B. (client) – August 22, 2011 –

You know you’ve found the best real estate agents in the business when they have your best interest at heart before their own. Jordan Malloch and Ian MacMillan guided and mentored us through the process of deciding whether it was in our best interest to sell our house or not by putting us in touch with a top notch lawyer and always being only a phone call or e-mail away for any questions that arose. Even as the prospect of making any proceeds from the sale of our home dwindled, their commitment to helping us and being available never dwindled. Although we did not end up listing our home, Jordan and Ian will be only agents we use in the future for any real estate need. If there was an Olympic event in being the best agents, Jordan and Ian would take the gold!

– Crystal A. – Seattle, WA – 7/7/11 –

Service! I needed to rent shop space for my remodel business.  Jordan was not only willing to take on a search for such a small commercial lease, but took the time to understand my requirements for size and location.  He located a space that is better than I ever expected to find.

His follow through and attention to detail were exceptional.

– Carl Lind – CL Construction – 2/2/11 –

Jordan Malloch and Ian MacMillan of Malloch/MacMillan are the epitome of a real estate professional at their very best.  Malloch/MacMillan communicate, educate and represent each client with the highest level of service, transparency and clarity that any individual(s) expects and deserves!

Their team’s synergistic work ethic along with their understanding of the industry; their understanding of today’s real estate market; and their unique ability to fully understand and achieve their client’s goals are why I, undoubtedly, highly recommend Malloch/MacMillan.  Definitely give them a call.

– Thomas J. – Gig Harbor, WA – 2/2/11 –

I highly recommend Jordan Malloch and Ian MacMillan, excellent real estate brokers.

Jordan puts into his business the same kind of energy that won him a position in the Olympic Games. Ian is a solid partner who knows the structure of houses, having been in construction prior to being a real estate broker.

Although I am not at this moment selling my home, I wanted them to assess it so that I would make changes/ upgrades that would be advantageous in order to get top dollar for it when I do sell in the future. For free, they evaluated the whole place and made prioritized suggestions of changes, including ways to save money on the changes. They gave me the names of people they recommend to do various jobs in the home. They also offered to give me a comparative market analysis for my home so that I could get a sense of what I would be able to sell my home for.

In order to make wise decisions, I recommend that you too utilize Jordan and Ian’s assessment skills and knowledge.

– Nikki N. – Seattle, WA – 12/2/10 –

I believe in Jordan Malloch of Malloch/MacMillian to have the high energy and high integrity to do right by his clients. He handled a number of properties for a friend of mine with the utmost


I connected Jordan Malloch with a friend who found himself in an unexpected difficult situation and quickly needed information on how to go about selling his home. Jordan instantly attended to the situation on an already busy weekend. He’s an award-winning combination of dynamic competence and warm and friendly attention and support.

– Magrit B. – Edmonds, WA – 11/1/10 –

I’ve owned my home in Wedgwood for 1 year and 1 week as of today, and I am STILL pleased as punch with my purchase .  It took me almost that same amount of time to find it, (not really) because I am just about the pickiest guy there is… I’m no multi-millionaire – my budget was moderate – and I had very little $$ left over from the sale of my last house because of all the parties I’d been throwing since I received all that extra dough. Plus, I’m extremely lazy – all of you out there looking for a new home might spend hours per day perusing flyers, surfing the internet, checking the local paper… not me.

And despite all of my shortcomings as a client, Jordan Malloch still managed to find something that fit me perfectly.  He did everything, (and more!) that I would have expected from a real estate agent, and as things began to heat up with all the offers and counter-offers, he really made me feel like I was his favorite client… For a while there, I had more calls back and forth with him than anyone else I knew – in a GOOD way, of course.

I am completely satisfied with everything regarding my most recent home-buying experience.  I would recommend Jordan Malloch to anyone I know, (and even those of you that I dont!)

…did I also mention that he’s an 2x Olympic athlete?  COOL!

– Mr Robot O. – Seattle, WA – 7/9/10 –

I believe in Jordan Malloch of Malloch/MacMillian to have the high energy and high integrity to do right by his clients. He handled a number of properties for a friend of mine with the utmost professionalism.

I have no hesitation to offer my highest recommendation.

– Jed S. – Seattle, WA 7/2/10 –

Jordan is an outstanding real estate professional.  In all of my dealings with Jordan I have found him to be of the highest integrity and a genuinely nice guy. I think it is so great that when I use Jordan for my real estate transactions that he actually works as a team with Ian MacMillian  to make the transaction go so effortlessly for me. I feel like I am getting twice as much at no additional cost. Seems kind of kooky but I think it’s great.

– Nathan T. – Everett, WA – 2/17/10 –

Jordan has listed and sold 6 properties for me in 6 months. In the tumultuous real estate market we have been experiencing it really helps to have someone who is in tune with current and ever changing market conditions. Jordan has shown competence and a willingness to perform under challenging market conditions.

– John V. – Seattle, WA – 2/3/2010 –

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Jordan found a unique opportunity for us and moved quickly to get our offer in before the deadline. Thanks Jordan for getting our new home!”

– Greg B. (client), hired Jordan as a Real Estate Agent in 2009 –

February 15, 2010 –

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

“Jordan did a wonderful job helping us find a home. We especially appreciated his tenacity in the closing process. Our contract period was rather short and required a lot of coordination. Jordan did everything in his power, every step of the way, to ensure we met our deadline. It was a huge service. I’m now working with Jordan to find a commercial property. I can’t think of a better endorsement than repeat business!”

– John W. (client), hired Jordan as a Real Estate Agent in 2009 –

January 28, 2010 –

“Jordan is a two time Olympic athlete who demonstrates the same drive and discipline in his work that it took to become an elite athlete. I cannot recommend him more highly as a real estate professional!”

– Stuart MacMillan, CSA, Senior Benefits Advisor, Golden Years Reverse Mortgage, Inc.

October 14, 2009 –

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Jordan was encouraging, open, and easy to work with throughout the entire process of buying my first house. Jordan’s friendly approach to the process and honest opinions kept me positive in my quest. I know that I am happier to be in the place I am in, because of Jordan.” January 5, 2009

– Ryan P. (client) hired Jordan as a Real Estate Agent in 2008 –

January 5, 2009 –

“I have worked with Jordan as a loan officer on two real estate transactions. I deal with a lot of realtors in my business and Jordan is exceptional. He is trustworthy, focused and is really watching out for his clients. I would highly recommend Jordan as an agent.”

– Jeanne Neal, Loan Officer / Consultant, Salmon Bay Community Lending (business partner) –

November 14, 2008 –

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“Whether you’re a first time home buyer or have been through the process several times Jordan will exceed your expectations of realtor. I definitely plan on recommending Jordan to friends and family, because he possesses all the attributes one would hope for in a realtor and cares about the person more so than the transaction.”

– Kiet V. (client) – March 31, 2008 –

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

“Buying a house can be rather daunting – but working with Jordan made the process really fun. He was at the same time extremely professional and very laid back – two very important characteristics for someone with whom you are going to be spending a lot of time and making major decisions. Ultimately, I’m not sure I would be a home owner if I hadn’t worked with Jordan. We found a great place and I plan to stay here for a while, but when I’m ready to move on, I will definitely work with Jordan again. In addition to being a good agent, he has become a great friend.”

– Anne B. (client) – March 30, 2008 –

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“Over the years we have had dealings with dozens of so-called “professionals” in the Real Estate field…In Jordan we finally met the real thing…ethical, hard working, knowledgeable, communicative and creative, he exemplifies what a Real Estate Agent should be. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any and all real estate transactions.”

– Ric K. (client) – March 29, 2008 –